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HR: Processes and Functional Effectiveness

  • Evaluating effectiveness of current HR processes
  • Recommending improvements, based on impact and cost
  • Developing effective and legally compliant policies and handbooks
  • Staffing and selection of HR professionals
  • Mentoring HR leaders

Executive Counseling

  • Confidential sounding board for senior executives
  • Guidance on complex employee issues
  • Investigations of legally sensitive situations (harassment, retaliation, etc.)

Organizational Design and Improvement

  • Guiding senior leaders on reorganizations, mergers, scaling up and downsizing
  • Moving people into the right roles
  • Conducting surveys to assess the organization
  • Planning for and guiding organizational change

Staffing and Selection Processes

  • Building effective hiring processes
  • Training on legal and effective hiring
  • Use of assessment tools to improve selection
  • Managing the staffing process for key positions

Performance Management

  • Coaching leaders on addressing performance issues
  • Improving the effectiveness of performance review processes
  • Training on effective feedback and goal-setting
  • Guidance on all steps of the termination process

Training and Facilitation

  • Training organizational staff
  • Coaching senior management teams
  • Facilitating project teams

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Acquisition due diligence
  • Assessment of management
  • Assimilation and retention programs
  • Policies and practices integration