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“Janis is professional; she makes adjustments to her style quickly and seamlessly to fit the situation and brings an unbiased, culturally-sensitive approach to her presence. She helps keep the focus on issues in front of you. Having that additional proven experience is invaluable to any HR leader during a crisis or major project.”

Senior Director of Human Resources, Comprehensive Behavioral Health Provider

“Your expertise enabled us to finish a project in weeks that would have taken us much longer.”

Chief Financial Officer, University Foundation

“We just completed the first and perhaps most visible step in the Reduction in Force this morning. While it was truly an uncomfortable task, I believe it was completed with respect, thoughtfulness and necessary speed. I also believe the participants felt both informed and prepared. I just wanted to take this chance to thank you for helping make all that possible by guiding [us] through the decision, preparation and communication process.”

Chief Operating Officer, Software and Hardware Engineering Company

“Janis came with her own set of experts; I didn’t have to find them. She brought in all these resources and coordinated them. It was incredibly turn key. You don’t have to call anyone else.”

Chief Executive Officer, Philanthropic Advisory and Grantmaking Organization